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Mar 31, 2020 · Stay Warm & Update Your House With A New Gas Fireplace Insert. Having a quality gas fireplace in your home will make your place warmer and cozier, without all the smoke, wood, and ash associated with traditional fireplaces. When it comes to the specifics, however, it all boils down to your needs and preferences.

Winchester xpr hunter comboWhat is a Vent-Free Gas Fireplace. Vent free fireplaces work in the same fashion as a traditional fireplace, however they are ventless, meaning they don't require a chimney, flue or duct system to vent gases or combustible materials outside.

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Find vent free gas fireplaces, inserts and stoves at Godby Hearth & Home. No vent gas fireplaces utilize tempered air from the home to supply the fire with oxygen and require no flue systems. Check our list of top vent free gas product manufacturers. Ambiance Fireplace is an exclusive line of fireplaces that Bowman's offers. They make incredible looking direct-vent gas fireplaces and gas fireplace inserts. The screen fronts for Ambiance are made by Stoll. They offer many stylish and unique screen front options that really set this line of fireplaces apart.

From gas to electric to wood fireplaces, we have what you’re looking for when it comes to bringing comfort and warmth to your home. Outdoor Create an inviting living space in your own backyard with one of our quality fireplaces or fire pits.
Gas Fireplace Direct Vent Termination Cap Clearance Distances - clearances between the gas fireplace exhaust vent and other building components or features. This article gives typical clearance distance requirements between the termination cap of a gas fireplace or fireplace insert and other building or site features such as windows, doors, other mechanical system components, air intakes ...
Jul 31, 2013 · Pros and Cons of a Gas Fireplace . The popularity of gas fireplaces is only continuing to grow — according to the Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association, which represents the hearth products industry, nearly 70 percent of the hearth products used today use natural gas or propane as a fuel.
Come see our extensive selection of fireplaces, stoves, gas logs, mantels, marble and granite surrounds, Hot Tubs and BBQ Grills. Our experienced staff has the capability to answer all of your questions and accommodate everyone from homeowners to builders.
Ventless Gas Fireplaces Outdoor Fireplaces Fire Pits Gas Burners Patio Heaters 1-866-713-2399 Give us a call. View cart. Fireplaces ...
Full Inventory. No one designs and installs custom fireplaces for Florida homes like Fireplace and Gas Service, Inc. Whatever your budget, we offer a full line of Wood Burning, Gas and Electric fireplaces.
Tevis Home in Hampstead MD has the best options for gas fireplaces, stoves, and inserts! We also specialize in gas fireplace repair. Click to learn more!
We'll agree that gas fireplaces, both vent-free and direct vented, are much more efficient than forced air furnaces, because they deliver the heat directly into the living space without the need for energy-wasting ducting (typically, it would take an 80,000 btu gas furnace to heat the same house you heated with your 48,000 btu vent-free). What ...
Ventless gas fireplaces are a good option for your home because they don’t waste any heat, are easier to install since they do not require a chimney, and cost less than traditional fireplaces. However, ventless gas fireplaces can pose a safety hazard, since they do not vent any carbon monoxide that is created by combustion out of your home.
Ventless Gas Fireplaces. The “vent-free” fireplace craze hit South African soil a few years ago, which led to the birth of the Chad-O-Glo range, adding another dimension to the Chad-O-Chef factory.The reason for this craze in the fireplace industry at present is due to the many advantages it has over normal gas vented fireplaces.Chad-O-Glo uses the latest technology in our gas fireplaces ...
WOOD GAS & ELECTRIC . We have a full design center containing the latest in electric and gas fireplace technology. Backed with the most knowledgeable staff in the industry, we’ll introduce you to the perfect fireplace!

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Real Fyre Premium Gas Logs Vent-Free fireplaces provide the warmth and charm of a wood fire without the need for venting your fireplace. Real Fyre Vent-Free systems are available in a wide variety of hand crafted, beautifully detailed logs, as well as many contemporary glass fire styles.